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play. learn. grow.


Thank you for your interest in our program.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a place where all children feel safe and loved, and where they are able to learn in their own methods and at their own pace through play and exploration, as well as adult guidance. We strive to help build self awareness and confidence in all the children we work with by strengthening their self worth, their self regulation skills, and their ability to express themselves. We focus on helping our kids develop personal and social skills as learning opportunities come up throughout our daily activities. Children are encouraged to try new things, be bold, play, imagine, create, explore, and discover, and are guided by teachers who love them and help them grow by engaging them, and encouraging their independence.


About Gwiggles

     Gwiggles is a family run early childhood education program that offers  Preschool services for up to 12 children at a time. We have a teacher to child ratio of 1:4. Gwiggles accepts children ages 3-6 years old. 


     Gwiggles was founded in 2017 and is located in San Francisco's Mission Bay. Our program follows the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy and is one of many organizations registered with N.A.R.E.A (the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance). The Reggio approach is rooted in the understanding that all children are infinitely capable, creative and intelligent, and values each child's opinions and individual rights. The Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy allows children to have a say in what they are learning and the methods in which they learn. 


       Our curriculum follows the Reggio approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum and activities are always changing and evolving, ensuring that our program grows with your child. Learning themes are based on the group's current interests. This approach helps keep the class interested and engaged in the daily activities.

Our Team

All of our teachers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. All staff are also required by state licensing to be up to date on other immunizationss such as the MMR and Tdap, become CPR certified, complete a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Training course, and pass a live scan fingerprinting background check.


Tessa Williams

Owner & Founder

Mother of one

Q:What is your favorite thing about working with kids?

A:One of my favorite moments that I get to witness while working with kids is when they finally accomplish something they’ve been trying to do for a long time. Their eyes light up and they yell “ I DID IT !!! ” I love seeing them experience that sense of pride and accomplishment. 


Q:What do you like most about Gwiggles? 

A:I love that we’re able to work so intimately with each child. Most children will stay with us for at least a year to two, but we’ve had children that have stayed with us for as long as four years. When you spend hours a day for that amount of time with a small group of kids you really get to know them on an intimate level. It’s really cool to be able to form real relationships with these kids.


Q:What do you yourself hope to learn from or during your career as a teacher?
A:Perspective. Children have a way of viewing situations, people, and the world in such a unique way because their perspective on many things has not yet been influenced by others. I want to continue to further understand things from a child’s perspective and to implement that into my own perspective on things and my overall world view.


Q:What is your goal as a teacher? What do you hope to provide to the children, and families that you work with?

A:I want to provide parents with whatever support or help they need while raising their child, and to provide kids with a fun place to go to that really honors a child’s childhood. Kids should be given time and space each day to run and be crazy, to have the freedom to play their way, to get dirty. They should be allowed to make mistakes that turn into learning opportunities. And of course, all kids should have a safe, fun place to go to where they can form special relationships with other kids and adults. 


Contact Us

701 China Basin St San Francisco CA United States 94158

(415) 400-5338

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