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Jack's vocabulary has increased so much since joining Gwiggles and he now speaks in full sentences. He also came in as a picky eater but thanks to their help he eats all the yummy veggies that they serve him!  Tessa and Tina also helped to work with us on potty training Jack and it was great to have that support.  


When the kids are napping, Tessa sends the cutest pictures of the kids earlier in the day having fun.  We love seeing what they are up to and it totally brightens our day.  Another important aspect about Gwiggles is their commitment to getting the kids outside every day, even when it is raining!  They dress the kids in rain suits and boots so they can splash and have fun in the puddles.


Our son enjoys school so much, he asks if he gets to go on the weekend too!  We are so happy that Jack has had the opportunity to learn, grow and play at Gwiggles!  Early education is so important and we're glad Tessa and Tina are part of Jack's development.  We trust them like our own family.

Kristin & Ramez

Gwiggles is absolutely amazing! What a gem! It was our first preschool after leaving the loving arms of our nanny, who watched our little guy since he was 3 months old. We were of course super nervous about how it would go, how he would adjust, how he would get along with other kids. Gwiggles set our mind at ease the very first day! The teachers are an absolute joy, so knowledgeable, so reliable, so loving -- and also great people, to boot. While it's important for your teachers to love and get along with the kids -- it's just as important to have the right rapport between parents and teachers. 

We always felt super well informed about what's happening with our little guy. He really thrived when he was there -- from talking, to eating, to reading, to playing, to doing arts and crafts projects, to running around in the park, to socializing with other kiddos -- all the age-appropriate developmental elements were there. It helps that they have child development education and years of experience with kids -- it really shows!  Our little guy loved his teachers, and all his little friends -- and is still asking about them. Parents: this is a true gem and not to be missed if you are looking for kind, loving, accountable teachers.

Maria Og.

Tessa is incredible with the children. Very safe and engaging environment. Would highly recommend. We love Gwiggles. Our little man loves it here.

Suzanne Chartrand

We joined Gwiggles over 8 months ago and have had an excellent experience ever since. Our son receives structured education, a balanced organic diet, daily outdoor play time (rain or shine!) and most importantly loving care from Tessa, Tina and all of his best friends.

Aleks & Mark

We absolutely loved Gwiggles. Our little one spent nearly a year and a half there. Even now when we are nearby, he asks to go visit. He grew so much during his time at Gwiggles. The arts, movement, meal activities he helped with, outdoor time, etc. all contributed so much to his development. The teachers are also so great to work with and we enjoyed our interactions as well!

Cara M.

Our son joined Gwiggles at 2yo and loved going for about 15months (until we moved away from SF entirely). He made great friends, developed his social skills tremendously, and not once were we worried about him throughout our busy days. Communication was easy, daily operations flexible, and pragmatic when our crazy lives took over. Our highlight was receiving texts during lunch with some fun updates and cute pictures of the friends at play. We particularly liked their regular time spent on the playground and their home cooked meals!! Even our Kindergartner loved spending a few days with Gwiggles when she could not go to camp!

Anke Werner

"Our 2 year old son had a wonderful experience at Gwiggles. He immediately got comfortable with Ms. Tina and spoke of her often when not in school.  Ms. Tina taught him his first letters and numbers, devised new games and activities daily, and also gave our son (and us) tips for potty training. The space is always immaculate — and somehow conceals the many toys and games the kids play with during the day.  Our refrigerator is covered with the many artwork pieces we are greeted with each night.  Somehow Ms. Tina got our son to eat healthy, organic food for snack/lunch right from the beginning - a feat we are rarely able to accomplish at home.  The registration and weekly payment systems are smooth and convenient.  We would have kept our son in Gwiggles, but ended up moving outside the city.  We highly recommend Gwiggles and just wish they had a branch near our new home!"  


 C. Andrade

"Gwiggles is a wonderful, calm place.  We enjoyed having our 2 year old daughter go to school there.  Ms Tina sent us lots of photos during the day so that we got to keep up with what she was doing.  They did lots of developmental activities, like talking about letters and colors and doing puzzles.  They also provided a healthy lunch and snack, which is convenient and reassuring that she's getting healthy food. Our daughter enjoyed it - she would often request in the morning to go to Ms Tina's.  We highly recommend Gwiggles!"


Sarah K.

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