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We are committed to providing healthy product options for the children in our care. Most brands use toxic ingredients in their products that are very hazardous to our health and the environment. We look for non toxic options when it comes to all the products used at our facilities. The following are some of the safe products  and items that we use. If parents can find a healthier option than what we are using we are happy to do everything we can to make the switch!

  • Only organic and non GMO foods are served at meals.

  • Only cast iron, glass, or in tact Green Pan cookware is used when preparing meals.

  • Children's water is always purified using Clearly Filtered water filters.

  • Each child is given their own stainless steel Life Factory water bottle to drink from throughout the day. No harmful plastic sippy cups! :)

  • Air Doctor air filters are available at each facility to improve the air quality at our school.

  • Joonya baby wipes and Badger diaper rash cream are used for diapering.

  • Badger Baby sunscreen is used for sunny days outside.

  • Dr Bronner's Unscented soap is used for washing hands.

  • Better Life products are used for laundry detergent, dishwasher gel, floor cleaner, and window cleaner.

  • Honest Co disinfecting spray is used for  disinfecting toys and surfaces.*



*Licensing requires all child care facilities to use an EPA registered and approved disinfectant. We search for

the option with the  least toxic ingredients that still meets the EPA requirement. We never use bleach solutions at our facilities.

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