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These policies will be updated as necessary 




The facility needs to receive a photo of a child's negative Covid-19 test (at home tests are accepted) prior to the child's first day in attendance. The facility also needs to receive proof of a negative test prior to the child returning to the facility if a Covid-19 case has been confirmed amongst the staff or children in attendance

Children with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher must stay home. If the fever develops at the facility the child will be safely and comfortably separated from the group and must be picked up as soon as possible. Parents must provide a negative Covid- 19 test for their child before their child is able to return to the facility. 


Children demonstrating symptoms that resemble those of Covid-19 and that are persisting for two days or more must provide a negative Covid- 19 test before returning to the facility.

We request that parents provide proof of a negative test for children who have traveled by airplane.



Parent's who have traveled by airplane,  or visiting friends and family members who have traveled by airplane, should tested themselves before dropping off their child at the facility.




All staff are required to be fully vaccinated.  

Children's hands will be washed upon arrival to the facility in the morning and when returning from our daily trip outside, before and after all meals, after using the bathroom, and as necessary throughout the day  (child wiping away a runny nose, hands frequently in mouth).


Teachers must wash hands upon entering the facility, after helping the kids use the bathroom, and before / after mealtime / handling food.

Nap mat covers are washed weekly or more often if needed.

Floors and playroom surfaces are cleaned daily.


Children will be spaced as far apart as possible during nap time.


Windows are left open and fans are turned on to ensure proper ventilation. 


Children will not go to the playground if Covid rates are high, but will still be able to go outside to a nearby  field where they will maintain sufficient distance from others.  

Healthy habits such as keeping toys out of mouths, coughing and sneezing into our elbows, and using our sleeve instead of our hands to itch our face, are discussed throughout each day.


Healthy meals and quality naps are taken seriously in order to help keep the kid's immune systems strong.




If a Covid-19 Case is Confirmed 

If a child within the classroom tests positive the school will close the following day and will reopen once the teacher is able to provide a negative test. All teachers and children will need proof of a negative test in order to return to the facility. The school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before reopening. The identity of the child who tested positive will remain anonymous. The child who tested positive will need to stay home until their parents can provide a negative test for their child, themselves, and all other family members living in the home.


If the lead teacher or assistant teacher test positive the facility will close the following day, and the teacher who tested positive will not return to the facility until a negative test is provided. All children and the returning teacher will need proof of a negative test before coming back to the facility. Once one of the teachers has provided a negative test the facility will reopen.


If both the lead and assistant teacher test positive a teacher from the other class will substitute. If another teacher is not available to substitute then the facility will close until one of the teachers is able to return, and the above protocol will be followed. 


Facility Closures - If the facility has to close for a week or more, upcoming breaks listed on the school calendar will be canceled in order to match the amount of time that the school had to close for the Covid-19 exposure. 


Payment during child absences- Families will be responsible for paying their normal rate during the time that their child is out sick, or during the time that their child is kept home because a family member is sick. 


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