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Developing Social & Personal Skills

For a Holistic Education

At Gwiggles, we place great emphasis on developing our little learner's social and personal skills. We know that developing strong personal and social skills creates a foundation for children that will help them excel in all areas of their lives. We firmly believe that these skills are needed for children to be successful in all other aspects of their early childhood education. For more information on how we help teach these skill sets, please contact us and set up a tour!


Outdoor Play

Let's Move!

 We take our kiddos outside to the nearby park each day. If it's an especially nice day we might go out twice! We do not go to the playground if it's over crowded. Instead, we take our group to a nearby field where they have lots of space to play and explore. In order to help our Gwigglers stay active on days that we can't go outside due to the weather, they're given access to indoor slides and trampolines, or enjoy group yoga sessions and dance parties. 



Isn't Learning Fun!

Gwiggles' curriculum is rooted in the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy and is both well structured and flexible. There is space in the curriculum's structure for adult led learning activities that introduce the kids to subjects such as Spanish, math, phonics, patterns, and writing. There is also space in the curriculum's structure to allow for the incorporation of the group's current interests. Topics such as our solar system, how the human body works, or dinosaur studies are worked into our weekly curriculum in response to the group's developing curiosities. In addition to various learning activities, the class will sometimes work together towards the completion of collaborative group projects.  A new or updated curriculum is sent out to parents every Monday.


Additional Services

Yes, There's More.

Gwiggles offers additional services such as quarterly parent teacher check-ins, potty training assistance, fresh home cooked organic vegan/vegetarian meals, and daily photos of your little one at school!

School Calendar

 Our school is closed on the following days:

Summer Break: First week of July


Labor Day: First Monday of September 

Fall Break: Last week of November 


Winter Break: December 24th- January 1st

Spring Break: Last week of March 

Memorial Day: Last Monday of May 

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